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After one of their biggest concerts, Nat and Alex Wolff were ready to head home. However, Nat had a stop to make on the way so he went home in a different limo then Alex. When Nat got into the limo, he tried to strike up some conversation with the driver.

"Man, this has been some crazy night. I can't believe how many fans came out to the concert."

The driver turned around. He was a younger man with spiked blond hair. "Well, at least you can relax now. Just sit back and I'll get you where you need to go." He said this all with an evil smile on his face. As he turned around he closed the window separating himself and Nat. Suddenly, a strange gas began to fill the area of the limo where Nat was. He didn't notice the gas and soon fell asleep.

Nat awoke in a dark room. The only spot of the room that was lit was the direct area around him. He felt very groggy. He tried to rub his head, but found that he could not move his arms. In fact, he could barely move at all. He lifted up his head and saw that his ankles and wrists were strapped down to the table he was lying on. A few seconds after seeing this, he also realized what he was wearing. Somehow, he was now only in his boxers.

"Man, what happened last night?" Nat thought. "One moment I'm in the limo going home and then I wake up here? Something's not right."

Then, Nat heard a door open and close. A figure walked into view, and Nat was able to see the face of the man.

"Hey, weren't you the driver from last night?" Nat asked.

"Heheh, why yes I am. So glad you remembered me. I bet you're wondering why you're here. Allow me to enlighten you."

The man then clapped, turning on the lights in the room. Nat could see that he was in a sort of laboratory with many machines and a wall filled with several cases. He could see the limo driver was now in a white lab coat with the sleeves rolled up, and was also sporting a pair of lab goggles on his forehead. Nat looked around, confused.

"OK, this room is weird, and I have a lot of questions. Who are you? Why am I here? Why can't I move? And why am I not wearing clothes? What the heck is going on?"

The man laughed. "First off, you are wearing boxers, which are clothes. Baby blue plaid I see. They look nice on you. As for the rest, you've probably guessed that I'm not a limo driver. I actually have many names, but you may call me the Tickle Monster."

Nat gasped. "D-did you say T-t-tickle Monster?" He knew what he heard and feared the worst. He and his brother were both insanely ticklish. Nat was only able to take being tickled by Alex because he could tickle him back. Even still with that, Nat absolutely lost it when Alex tickled his feet. He could only imagine what this would be like if what he thought was about to happen actually happened.

The Tickle Monster chuckled. "Yes, I did say Tickle Monster. And yes, as I'm betting you've guessed, I am going to tickle you. You see, I find tickling guys like you to be one of the most fun things ever. So, I found a system that lets me take you here and tickle you to my hearts content without any backlash. When you leave, you won't be able to talk about this to anyone but me, and as you can see, I'm going to decide just when you leave. Now, how would you like to start your tickling?"

Nat felt absolutely defeated. He couldn't make the bonds budge an inch. He began begging. "Please, please don't tickle me. You don't understand, I just don't think I'd be able to take it. I mean, the only reason I can stand it when my brother tickles me is because I can tickle him back to get him off of me. I'm begging you; I'll do whatever you want. Just, please!"

The Tickle Monster laughed as he placed a hand on Nat's stomach. "Sorry, Nat, but I go through a lot of trouble to get my ticklees in here. Sadly, there aren't many who come in willingly. I'm not letting you go until I'm done. Now, do you want me, or the bots?"

Nat still struggled, but the slight movement with the Tickle Monster's hand on his stomach only made him giggle. He eventually just gave up and sighed, but not before pleading one last time with the Tickle Monster. "OK, if you're gonna tickle me, can you please just take it easy?"

The Tickle Monster smiled and let out one simple word: "No." With that, he began to gently move on finger around Nat's stomach, outlining his belly button, then increasing the size of the circle and shrinking it again. Nat tried to hold back his laughter, resulting in a near constant stream of giggles. The Tickle Monster just smiled and then dug his finger into Nat's bellybutton and twisted it around in there. This sent Nat over the edge, finally letting his laughter escape.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahaha p-p-please hahahahahahahahahahahaha stooooohohohooooopppp! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

After 5 minutes the Tickle Monster took his finger out of Nat's bellybutton and began chuckling. "Well, you certainly are ticklish aren't you? It looks like we'll have some fun in here." Nat grunted as he uselessly tried to break free. The Tickle Monster just leaned on the table and smiled. "You won't be able to break free, Nat. Just stop struggling and enjoy yourself. Now," as he said this, he began to tickle Nat's neck to loosen him up and make him giggle. "How about we tickle the rest of this torso, eh? I'm sure these armpits down here are really ticklish."

Nat gasped and even stopped giggling from the neck tickling for a moment. "No, please! My armpits are my second most ticklish spot! Please don't!" After this he began giggling again.

The Tickle Monster teased him. "Oh, you're SECOND most ticklish spot? Well, I'll be sure to tickle them that much harder then. And, I'm just gonna go ahead and guess that numero uno is your feet. Am I right?" Nat continued giggling and began to blush. "I knew it." He stopped tickling momentarily to let Nat catch his breath. "Now let's get back to business." He gave Nat a quick tickle under his chin before getting back into position to tickle the rest of him. He gave a couple of quick jabs to Nat's hips, right at the boxer line, making him yelp. Then he began to walk his fingers up and down Nat's ribs, making sure to hit each and every one, occasionally stopping to outline Nat's tiny nipples. He kept this up for about 5-10 minutes.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahehehehehehehehaehahahahahahahahahaha nooooooooooohohohohohohohooooooo! Hahahahahahahahahahstoooooooohohohoooooooppppphahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

The Tickle Monster smiled. "OK, we'll move on then." He brought his hands to the undersides of Nat's elbows and dragged them up and down his arm, always stopping before he reached Nat's armpits.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" Nat laughed the whole way. He could barely stand it. He almost wished that he would just go straight into his armpits to get it over with. Instead, the Tickle Monster jumped down to tickle Nat's sides, making him wiggle from side to side to try and avoid the tickling. Of course, it was all useless.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Just d-d-dooooooohooohoohoohoooooooo iiiiiiitttttt! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

The Tickle Monster lightened up a little, just teasing Nat by dragging a finger up and down his torso. "Oh, I'm sorry. Could you repeat what you just said?"

Nat was still giggling, but he managed to speak fine between the giggles. "Hehehehehehehe just do it! Hehehehehehehehehe please! Hehehehehehehehehehe!"

"Do what?"

"Hehehehehehehe you know what! Hehehehehehehehehe my armpits! Hehehehehehehehe just tickle them already! Hehehehehehehehehehehehe!"

The Tickle Monster smiled evilly. "Well, I guess tickling is growing on you."

"NO! Hehehehehehehehe I just want hehehehehehehehe it over with already! Hehehehehehehehehehe!"

"Oh, well in that case, 10 minutes of armpits it is."

Nat's eyes widened. "10 MINUTES?!?" With that, the Tickle Monster started to wiggle his hands directly over Nat's armpits. Despite there being no contact, Nat still giggled crazily, trying desperately to get his armpits away from his hands. Suddenly, the Tickle Monster stopped moving his hands and just held them there, staring at Nat. Nat looked back, scared even more so because he had no clue when the worst was going to come. Then, the Tickle Monster's hands dove into Nat's armpits, scribbling all in and around them. The absence of hair made them that much more ticklish. Nat was sent into hysterics.


After the 10 minutes were up, the Tickle Monster stopped. He let Nat catch his breath and regain some energy, not even teasing him. After Nat stopped laughing and gasping for air, he finally spoke. "You suck! Why are you even doing this?"

The Tickle Monster looked away for a second, then looked back at Nat. "Simple, because it's so much fun. Come on, just try to enjoy it. I mean, we've only been going for…" He paused to look at a clock on the wall. "…40 minutes. I mean, all you have to do is take 10 minutes on your feet and then 5 more minutes of a surprise and then I'll leave. Enjoy yourself while you can."

With this the Tickle Monster dragged his hands down Nat's thighs, tickling them all the way, down his legs and then finally reached his feet. Nat felt defeated. There was nothing he could do, and he was about to get the worst thing ever. The Tickle Monster took one finger and slowly dragged it up Nat's bare right foot. Nat skipped giggling and went straight to laughter from this. The Tickle Monster smiled. He then did the same to Nat's left foot. After giving him a pause to stop laughing, the Tickle Monster went full force. His hands scribbled all up and down Nat's arches and on the balls and heels of his feet (which were surprisingly soft). He occasionally went underneath his toes, and even tickling the top of his feet resulted in laughter. Nat could barely breath he was laughing so hard.


The Tickle Monster kept this up for the ten minutes that he promised, then he walked over to the wall and opened up two of the cases. "OK Nat, it's time I let you have some choice here. Tell me, if you could be tickled by any object, what would you pick? And make sure it's a tickling object or else I'll just pick for you."

Nat was no longer struggling as he was almost all out of energy. It was going to take all his will to take the last 5 minutes. "J-just get it over with already. Please. I c-can't take any more. P-please stop."

The Tickle Monster shook his head. "I can't do that Nat. Here, I'll make it simple: bird or tooth?"

Nat was confused. Neither of those objects tickled, or at least Nat didn't think so. "I guess birds mean feathers and those tickle so I'll take tooth. Teeth don't tickle."

The Tickle Monster smiled. "Excellent choice, but I never said that I was going to tickle you with teeth." He reached into the case and pulled out two electric toothbrushes. Nat's eyes widened. Alex kept an old electric toothbrush hidden in their room and would often use it to tickle Nat. He hated it more than any time Alex just tickled him regularly.

"Wait! I change my mind! I want the feathers! Please! Don't do this! Don't use the toothbrush!"

The Tickle Monster just smiled and turned on the toothbrushes. Nat tried to hide his body as much as possible, but to no avail. The Tickle Monster still had access to everywhere, which he took full advantage of. He put the toothbrushes to Nat's torso, using one to tickle his stomach, sides and belly button while the other one went over his chest, going over each rib and down the middle of his chest too.


With the last minute of his time the Tickle Monster did the most torturous thing he could have done. Stretching his arms out in order to reach, he used one toothbrush on Nat's armpits and the other one on Nat's feet. Hitting his two most ticklish places with the toothbrushes caused Nat to nearly pass out. However, he stopped just before Nat was about to lose consciousness. The Tickle Monster put away the toothbrushes and came back to Nat.

"See, now wasn't that a fun hour?"

Nat finally had enough breath in him to speak. "No, that was torture. Tickle torture to be exact. I can't think of anything that could have been more ticklish or torturous."

The Tickle Monster grinned. "Well, you still don't know about the three hours you'll face with my bots. You see, it's only 3:00. You'll realize that when I'm here getting tickled is a lot more fun. Oh, and don't worry. You won't pass out with the bots, but if you do I'll be watching you. So long……..for now."

The Tickle Monster turned and left, but not before hitting a button on a remote. Suddenly, Nat could hear machines coming to life all around him. Then, he heard the Tickle Monster speak once more. "Oh, I almost forgot. What fun is getting tickled if you can see the bots doing it?" With that, he killed all of the lights, leaving Nat in complete darkness. He could hear the bots surrounding him but couldn't see a thing. Suddenly, he felt a light tickling on his chest. He giggled and then it stopped. Nat was terrified, until suddenly he felt things tickling him everywhere. The only place that was left untouched was where his boxers covered him, meaning that all his bare skin was getting tickled. The bots kept at tickling him for 3 hours, lightening up strategically to maximize the ticklishness while still keeping Nat in consciousness. The hands, feather, brushes, and all other sorts of tickling devices made Nat laugh hysterically. Finally, the Tickle Monster came back in, shut off the bots and turned the lights back on.

"Didn't I tell you things were better when the came from me?"

Nat gasped for air and then spoke. "OK, I admit, the bots were awful. Now, you've tickled me here all day. Let me go! And give me my clothes back!"

The Tickle Monster chuckled. "Now, you didn't think I'd let you off that easy, did you? But there is a way for you to leave. Look on the ceiling." Nat looked and saw 5 pictures there. "Those pictures have something in common. Just one word or phrase that, if said out loud, will release the restraints. Then, all you have to do is go through that door over there and you'll find a teleporter. It will take you back to your room, asleep in your bed. Nobody will have noticed your disappearance and you'll find it impossible to tell anybody what happened here. Oh, and the clothes you were wearing will be back in your room. I wouldn't try to steal from you. Of course, if you'd like to stay for more tickling, I'll be back in here around 1:00 tomorrow." With this he turned to leave. Nat shouted at him.

"Hey! What if I can't figure it out? You can't just keep me here forever! It's kidnapping and I can't take getting tickled every day!"

The Tickle Monster turned back. "Oh, don't you worry. I never keep anyone here over a week. Now, why don't you focus a little more on that riddle, unless you'd like to stay for tomorrow. I know I'd be more than happy to have more fun with you. See you later, Nat." With this he left, leaving Nat to ponder what he needed to say to get out.

THE END.............for now
Ugh, I really need to figure out how to fix this so that you don't need to scroll to read the whole thing.

This was another request from someone on They requested that Nat Wolff be tickle tortured in nothing but his boxers. I felt that a return of the Tickle Monster would be fitting.

A side note, this person also requested the same of Alex Wolff. I have not started yet but will post a link to it when it is done.

This story (along with my interactives) is also available on my profile on My username is still ticklguy12

Happy Tickling!

Picture to accompany: [link]
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