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February 17, 2011
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"So, Mr. Levi, I see you've finally woken up."

David awoke to find himself strapped down to a metal table in the middle of what looked like a laboratory. He could tell by the feel of the metal on his skin that he was left in only his plaid blue boxers, but his glasses were left on. Standing near him was a man who could have been anywhere from 18-25 (David was bad at telling age, and with the lab coat and goggles hiding most of his body and face, it was even harder to discern). All he could see was that the sleeves on the lab coat were rolled up for some reason and that his blond hair was spiked. David, surprisingly, remained very calm with all of this.

"Wait, what the heck happened?"

"Well isn't it obvious?" the man teased. "After all, I thought you were supposed to be the smart one."

It took David a couple of seconds to put everything together. "Oh, great, you're that Tickle Monster guy, aren't you?"

The Tickle Monster chuckled. "Why yes, I…….wait, how did you know who I was already?"

"Well, you've captured Nat and Alex both before. They both had a feeling I'd be next, so they warned me about it. They seemed surprised that they could tell me about it for some reason."

The Tickle Monster seemed frustrated. "How is that possible? When I let them go, that machine up on the door over there should have made it so that they couldn't talk about it with anyone but me or someone else I had captured."

David turned his head at the machine and smiled. "You probably have it so that since Nat and Alex were both there, they were able to talk about it, even with me. A simple programming error, really."

The Tickle Monster turned back to him. "Really, you can tell that just by looking at it?"

David chuckled. "No, I just guessed that's what it was based on all your half-finished inventions lying around. I figured you weren't smart enough to program it right."

Suddenly, the Tickle Monster became angry. "You're really asking for it, aren't you, David?"

David's smile went away almost instantly. "Wait! Please forget what I just said! I'm not sure I'll be able to stand your normal torture, much less anything worse! Please, go easy on me!"

The Tickle Monster laughed the most evil laugh he could. "Tell you what: you're still gonna get it for being a little smart-ass back then, but I'll still save your most ticklish spot for last if you tell me where it is. We got a deal?"

David quickly tried to break free of his bonds, only to discover that he couldn't move at all. Very nervously, he asked "What happens if I don't tell you?"

The Tickle Monster smiled. "Well, then I take my sweet time finding your most ticklish spot, and then you get a full hour of tickling there. So, are you gonna tell me where it is?"

David didn't have to think twice about this decision. "OK, I'm most ticklish on my stomach and sides. Now please go easy on me! Please!"

The Tickle Monster chuckled as he placed his had just over David's stomach. "Why, don't you like being tickled?"

David tried to squirm away from his hand. "No, I'm way too ticklish. And you said you would save my stomach for last!"

The Tickle Monster smiled. "That I did. That's why I'm doing this." As soon as he said this, he put one finger right into David's belly button.

"AAAAHH! Hahaha, p-please stooaaaahahahahapp!" David giggled, almost gleefully, as the Tickle Monster wiggled his finger around in David's belly button.  A smile came across his face.

"Nonsense, little David. I'm just getting started." Upon saying this, he began to lightly stroke underneath David's chin as he gradually began to tickle his neck. David tried to keep the hand away from his neck by shaking his head back and forth, but it was of no use. The onslaught lasted for 5 minutes before the tickling let up, allowing David to speak words that weren't begging for mercy.

"He-hehe. Man, that really tickled!"

The Tickle Monster chuckled. "So you like it, then?"

David took a few deep breaths before trying to speak again. "No, I don't. Usually when Nat or Alex tickle my neck it just tickles a little. THAT I don't mind. What you did was wild. I knew you were a good tickler, but not that good."

"Well, I admire your flattery, but it will get you nowhere. Rest assured I know how to make tickling enjoyable. However, that is not my purpose right now. Now is the time for torture. Let it resume!"

Without missing a beat, the Tickle Monster began put both hands on David's chest. He made his fingers dance as they slowly creeped towards David's armpits. David tried to suppress his laughter, but as the hands moved closer to his oh so ticklish armpits he became more nervous and laughter became more difficult to hold in. Just before reaching the armpits, the Tickle Monster stopped, and began to drag his fingers up and down David's arms, racing between his elbows and armpits. This broke David, and began the tickle attack on his armpits and ribs.

"BAHAHAHAHAHA! P-PLEASE! HAhahahahaha! No hahahahahaha NO MORE! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hahaahahaha For the love of hahahahahahahahaha IT'S TOOOOOOHOOHOOHOO MUHUHUHUHUHUUCH! HAhahahaHAHAHA!"

The Tickle Monster grinned as he continued to torture David in this manner for 10 minutes. He grinned even more as he immediately began to tickle David's feet once he was content with the armpit tickling.

"NOOOOOOO! HAHAhahahahaha PLEASE! HAHAHAHAHA Just a little hahahahahahaha A little hahahahahahahaha BREAK! HAhAHAHAHAHAhahahaha! Hahahahahahahahaha!"

David got his request…after 10 minutes of foot tickling. The Tickle Monster made sure to leave no area of David's feet un-tickled as his fingers danced about. He grinned as he stopped the tickling for a moment. "Well, David, it seems we're almost completely out of places to tickle."

David gasped for air before trying to talk. "GOOD! I don't even care anymore! Just do it! Please just go after my stomach! Get my sides! Tickle them all you want, but just please let this be over!"

For once, a frown came over the Tickle Monster's face. "That's not very fun at all. Here, how about we calm you down a little." The Tickle Monster put his hand on David's stomach, but instead of tickling, began to gently rub it. David flinched at first, but then began to relax. It was almost a kind of massage. After 5 minutes, the Tickle Monster asked "Feeling better?"

David was grinning. "Yes, much."

"Good." The Tickle Monster smiled his evil smile once more and turned the massage into a vicious tickle attack on David's stomach, tickling all over and going down to his sides to get extra giggles out of him. David's laughter came in instantly, even stronger than it had been before.


This kept up for a solid 20 minutes. It took great effort, but the Tickle Monster managed to keep tickling full force for the entire time. After the time, he stopped and walked over to a case mounted on the wall. He reached in, pulled out three objects, and then came back to David, who was gasping for air yet again.

"You're a monster, you know that? To tickle me after baiting me into relaxing like that."

"They don't call me the Tickle MONSTER for nothing! You're the real monster! You should be grateful I gave you that bit of relaxation! It's certainly more than anyone else has gotten!"

David was suddenly very frightened. Before this, the Tickle Monster was merely toying with him, just being evil. Now, he seemed truly angry with David. He tried to find a way to calm him down. "Well, if it's any consolation, I was far more ticklish after the relaxing. I mean, I had my guard down, wasn't expecting it at all. Not to mention I was still kinda warmed up from earlier."

Surprisingly, this worked. "Well, I guess that makes sense. Either way, your whole body better be ready for the next ten minutes, because I've got these now." From behind his back, the Tickle Monster pulled out two paintbrushes and an electric toothbrush. Without pausing for a response from David, he dove right into the tickle torture, using the tools to tickle every inch of David's exposed skin. David was not able to stop laughing for the next 10 minutes as this continued. Once it stopped, though, David spoke up.

"Good, you had your tickle fun. I get to go now, right?"

The Tickle Monster merely chuckled. "What, did the two big-mouth brats not tell you about the bots? And just for you, you get the blindfold, and the dark room!" He quickly blindfolded David, shut the lights off, and left the room. For the next few hours, David was submitted to the Tickle-bots, ever so skillfully tickling all of David's ticklish spots at once. By the time they stopped, David was exhausted. Then, the blindfold was removed, and he saw the Tickle Monster standing over him.

"Finally! So, where's that thing?"

The Tickle Monster was confused. "What thing are you talking about?"

"The riddle thing! The thing that Nat and Alex could have answered to get out early."

"Oh, that old thing. Well, I actually have something a little different planned for you. You seem to know a lot about technology, as well as quite a bit about tickling. So, I'm extending an offer to you to join me as my assistant. You'd live here and help me build new tickling machines, and test them, of course. I may even let you tickle, or choose, some of my victims. Do that and I'll get you out of this thing. Or you could give me someone else, and I'll still let you go early. I know that you're friends with quite a bit of the celebrity population, and you should know someone smart enough. Be careful, because if you give me someone stupid or incompetent, I'll grab you and set the bots on you for two weeks straight! Or, you can just do nothing, and I'll keep you here for the same time I kept your little band mates. What do you say?"

David could only lay there, as he thought carefully about this decision. If he stayed, he'd be tickled all his life in tests. If he said no, he'd be tortured again. He contemplated for some time on this, unable to decide.

(Decision to come later)
Well, here it is (finally). Another addition to the Tickle Monster series, and with a twist. This was requested by the same person who requested Nat and Alex's stories. Now, here's where you come in:

Should the Tickle Monster have an assistant? Should it be David, or someone else? If someone else, should he be tickled first before joining the Tickle Monster's ranks? Any male celebrity will work for an assistant, and they can be at any age they previously were too (such as a young David Gallagher or something). Some suggestions are past victims, members of the JJLBM club, one (or both) of the sprouse twins, or any other celeb you can think of. However, not Justin Bieber. He will only be tortured. Cody Simpson would work though, I have nothing against him.

Anyway, hope to hear back from you guys, or else I'll just make a random decision. As always, Happy Tickling!

Link to David's picture: [link]
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Logan lerman should be tickled and become an assistant and David Levi should be an assistant
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