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Alex Wolff awoke in a dark room. Only the area directly around him was lit. He could tell that he was in only his boxers but thought nothing of it, as that's what he usually slept in. He tried to get up but could not move his arms or legs. He looked and realized that his wrists and ankles were strapped to the table he was laying on. At this moment he realized that this was no ordinary morning. As he struggled to try and break free of the bonds, a man walked into the room.

"Alex, you really shouldn't struggle. You'll just use up your energy. Those bonds won't break." Alex tried getting a good look at the man, but he was standing in the dark. "Good morning, by the way. Or rather, I guess I should say good afternoon. After all, it is 2:00."

Alex was frustrated by the feeling of not being able to see the man. "Hey, if you're gonna capture me like this, at least have the decency to show your face!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me turn on the lights." Suddenly, the room became well lit. Alex found himself in the middle of some sort of laboratory. There were large machines everywhere along with smaller ones that seemed like robots. A wall was filled with different cases. He looked at the man and saw that he was in maybe his mid-twenties (although he could easily be 18 or 19) with spiked, blond hair. He wore lab goggles on his forehead and a lab coat with the sleeves rolled up. The man spoke. "You know, I like your boxers much better than your brother's. Black and red is such a good color combination."

Alex was annoyed with the man. "Look, I've got questions. Who are you? Why am I here? And how do you know what my brother's boxers look like?"

The man chuckled. "I go by many names, but you many call me the Tickle Monster."

Alex looked at him, disappointed. "The Tickle Monster? That's the best you could come up with?"

The Tickle Monster looked at him angrily. "Hey, I think it's a great name. It gets my point across very nicely. Not to mention it generally gets a good reaction from people. Your brother was scared out of his mind when he heard it."

Alex looked back, confused. "OK, why do you keep mentioning Nat?"

"Simple, he's how I got to you. Not to long ago Nat was in your position, lying here on this table in nothing but his boxers, about to get tickled like he was never tickled before. Before I let him go I made a little deal with him. I let him go two days early, and in exchange he knocked you out cold in your sleep and delivered you to me. That's why you didn't wake up until now, and that's why I know so much about your brother."

"You had Nat sell me out? And he actually did? That punk! I'm gonna get him when I get home." He tried to get up but soon remembered that he was strapped down to the table. "OK, so Tickle Monster guy, I take it you're gonna tickle me?"

The Tickle Monster smiled. "Yes I am. I'm glad to see I have a client that enjoys getting tickled."

Alex shook his head at this. "Oh, I never said I like being tickled. I mean, I do a little. In fact, I could use a little tickle on my stomach. It would feel good."

The Tickle Monster smiled back. "What about being tickle tortured? Do you like that?"

"Oh, no. A little tickling on my stomach is all I could take and like it. You tickle me too hard on my stomach even and I hate it."

The Tickle Monster grinned even wider. "Well then, I hope you learn to adjust tastes quickly, because you are about to be tickle tortured. And I'm not just gonna stick to your stomach. I'm gonna tickle you everywhere."

Now Alex's eyes widened. "Wait, you're not serious, are you? I mean, I can't fight back. I'm only wearing my boxers. Do you have any idea how ticklish I am when I'm clothed and can fight back? I'm gonna die like this!"

The Tickle Monster just kept smiling. "You and Nat are a lot alike. He begged to not get tickled too. Here, I'll make you a little deal: you tell me where you're the most ticklish and I'll be sure to save that spot for last. What do you say to that?"

Alex thought for a minute, then tried one last time to break free of the bonds. When he realized just how useless it was, he decided to take the deal. "Could you please just stay out of my armpits? Like, don't even save them for last, just don't tickle them. Please. I won't be able to take it."

The Tickle Monster smirked. "Funny, your brother's second most ticklish spot is his armpits. I'm betting you two are more alike then you think. Is your second most ticklish spot your feet?"

Alex looked away and reluctantly answered. "Maybe."

The Tickle Monster grinned. "Ooh, well this is interesting. Now, why don't we get started with your tickling? After all, the sooner we start the sooner we get into those ticklish armpits of yours." Alex closed his eyes and cringed as he tried to brace himself for the worst. The Tickle Monster simply put one hand on Alex's stomach and left it there. Alex opened his eyes and relaxed a little. Suddenly, the Tickle Monster squeezed and then let go in a rapid motion. This got a small, short giggle out of Alex. It also made him smile. He was still being tickled in his comfort zone. The Tickle Monster kept this up for about 20 seconds, randomly squeezing Alex's stomach. Then he began to draw around Alex's belly button. Alex still giggled and smiled at this.

"Hehehehehehehehehehehe this is nice. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe you're a g-hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe-good tickler. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe."

The Tickle Monster smiled. "Well, if you enjoy this so much, how about we kick it up a notch?" With that he began drawing faster and then dug his finger into Alex's belly button and twisted it around skillfully for a couple of minutes. Alex began to laugh a bit harder.

"Hehahahahahahahahahahahaha! OK hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha stooooooohohohooooop hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Nooooohohohoooooo mooooore hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

The Tickle Monster simply smiled. "But I thought you were enjoying this. Oh well, I guess I'll be fair. Let's get your sides in the mix then." As the Tickle Monster began to tickle Alex's sides, he laughed even harder, now starting to feel the torture.

"Hahahahahahahahahahah! Stooooohohohohohoppp! Hahahahahahahahahaa ppppplleeeeeeeeheheheheeeasssseee! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

The Tickle Monster just kept tickling, very slowly moving up to add in Alex's ribs. He stopped once he reached Alex's nipples and kept on tickling until Alex had been getting tickled for at least 20 minutes. "Now, let's make a little jump here. Is that little neck of yours as ticklish as the rest of you?" Without waiting for a response, he started tickling Alex's neck. This made Alex giggle, but that wasn't enough for the Tickle Monster. He kept one hand tickling his neck while the other hand went back down to the stomach and sides. He took 5 minutes moving down Alex's body with the tickling, hitting his thighs and knees on the way to reaching Alex's feet. He stopped once he got there and lightly dragged his fingers over the tops of them.

"Hehehehehehe, please. Hehehe stop this!"

"Oh Alex, you haven't nearly reached your time with me yet. Besides, we have your two most ticklish spots left to tickle. Now, why don't we get to the real ticklish parts of your feet." With that, he began to tickle the soles of Alex's feet, sending him into a laughing fit. He tried his hardest to pull his feet away, but the Tickle Monster was able to tickle and part of them he wanted, and he tickled all over Alex's feet. The heels and balls of his feet didn't produce as strong of a reaction, but under the toes was nearly as good as tickling Alex's soles. He kept tickling Alex's feet for 10 minutes before stopping to let Alex breathe.

"Now, it would appear that you have 25 minutes left. I'm betting you want to go straight the end, don't you?"

"You're darn right I do! This tickles way too much! Let me go!"

"I can't do that, Alex. Like I said, you still have 25 minutes left with me. Now, if you can guess how I'm gonna spend the next 15, you'll get a surprise. Go on, guess." He smiled as his hands moved closer and closer to Alex's armpits. It didn't take long at all for Alex to realize what was going to happen.

"Please! I'm begging you! Tickle me anywhere else! Have 20 people tickle me anywhere else! Just please don't tickle my armpits!"

"Congratulations, you figured it out. Want to know what your surprise is?"

"You're gonna let me go?" Alex said, hopefully.

"Nope. You're surprise is that I'm starting NOW!" With that, the Tickle Monster dove his hands into Alex's armpits. Alex went into hysterics. Like his brother, he had no signs of armpit hair whatsoever to give any hope at protecting his armpits. He tried desperately to close off his armpits even a little, but the restraints kept him perfectly in place. He finally just conceded and went into hysterics.


The Tickle Monster continued this, scribbling his hands over every inch of Alex's armpits for 15 minutes. After that time, he finally stopped and walked over to a wall, opening a case and grabbing two feathers.

"See, I told you I was only going to spend 15 minutes there. I'm not a bad guy, Alex. Now, tell me, do you like feathers?"

Alex gasped. "No, p-please! No m-m-more! No feathers!"

"I'll take that as a big fat "yes." Well, lucky for you I'm gonna tickle you for the next 10 minutes with these extremely ticklish feathers." The feathers he had were long and stiff, perfect for tickling anywhere on Alex's body. He began to swipe the feathers all across Alex's torso, even going into the bellybutton and armpits and hitting as close to the waistline of Alex's boxers as possible. Alex went back into hysterics.


He kept this up for ten minutes, also expanding the feather tickling to include the rest of Alex's body. Once the time was up, he stopped and put the feathers back into the case. He came back to Alex with a piece of cloth in his hand.

"There, one hour of tickle torture by my hands. I must say, you were just as fun, if not more fun, than your silly brother."

Alex was still trying to catch his breath from the tickling. "Ok. Y-you had your f-fun. Now, l-l-let me g-go!"

The Tickle Monster laughed. "Did you really think I let your brother go after just one hour with me? I said I let him go two DAYS early. Stupid boy couldn't figure out the riddle to get him out. Now, you get to spend the rest of the day with my lovely machines. They're very self-conscious, though, so we wouldn't want you seeing them and making fun of them." With that, he used the cloth to blindfold Alex.

"Hey! Take this thing off! I can't see!"

"Good, then this will tickle you even more. Enjoy the rest of your day." With that, the Tickle Monster hit a button on a remote and left the room. Alex could hear machines coming to life around him. He tried to brace himself for the onslaught of tickling, but he didn't think that the machines were going to tickle every inch of his body that was exposed. He couldn't stand it. The machines tickled very skillfully with hands, feathers, toothbrushes, and any other thing that could possibly tickle. They made sure to keep Alex from passing out by letting up slightly from time to time. Alex's tickling went on for three hours before the Tickle Monster finally came back in and turned the machines off. He then took the blindfold off of Alex and smiled at him.

"Now, wasn't that a fun day?"

"You're a monster! How could you just kidnap me and tickle me like that? It was torture!"

"See, I told you my name was fitting. And I think you'll find that this is very fun for me, and I can do it however much I want. Now, hold on for just one second." The Tickle Monster left the room briefly, returning with three large posters, each containing one symbol. "There's a relation between these symbols. If you say it out loud, the restraints will release. There's a teleporter in the room to your left. You'll return to your room, asleep in your bed. Oh, and don't try to talk about this with anyone, because that will be simply impossible." He turned to leave, but Alex interrupted him.

"What if I can't figure this thing out? It looks complicated."

"Well, if you really want to stay, we can have more fun tomorrow. In fact, I'm free all week to spend as much time with you as you like." With a chuckle, he left the room, leaving Alex alone in his boxers, wondering if he was going to be able to surive an entire week of tickle torture.
Finally. After uploading the pictures of the past two tickle victims, I decided to just sit and finish up the first story on my list. Here it is, Alex Wolff's turn with the devious Tickle Monster. Hope you enjoy it.

This was done as a request for someone on

Happy Tickling!

Picture to accompany: [link]
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